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Buy Obama Kush Online 

Strain Name: Obama Kush

Grade: A+

Type: Mostly Indica/ Less Sativa.

Appearance: Obama Kush’s incredibly icy purple flowers are dotted with orange hairs that look like green balls surrounded by orange hairs. It’s pretty mellow and is an indica dominant strain with an indica to sativa ratio of 65:35.

Smell: It has a spicy and sweet aroma with a touch of pine, but it is quite exquisite at the same time. The parent strains are a mix of the Afghan indica and the OG Kush hybrid. Its origins are in Michigan, where it was first cultivated.

Flavor: It also tastes fantastic, with hints of grape, pine, and a full fruity flavor, but it’s a bit more rare and airy.

Effects: Obama Kush produces approximate THC levels of 14% to 21%. Its effect is known to be comprehensive and balanced. This strain fights pain and reduces pain around the spine. Many reviews suggest using this strain at night, as it induces deep relaxation, which is good for relieving the day’s stress. Best used at night for deep relaxation and pain relief on particularly stressful workdays.

Potency: Fairly high, approximately 5/5, and the duration is 2 hours and more. Obama Kush is small in size but produces sturdy stems. The average flowering period is eight to nine weeks.


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