Strain Name: BlueBerry
Grade: 9/10 A Michigan Medical Marijuana(The Mix)
Type: Indica Hybrid “Blueberry = Juicy Fruit(highland) Thai x Afghani male”
Looks: 8.75/10 nice and frosty not a lot of blues(bummed)resin coated encrusted and greasy too when broken up
Smell: 8/10 not a lot until broken up-then a fruity blue sort of scent-smell the blue when ingesting/exhaling
Taste: 9/10-tasty smoooooooooth blue taste almost till cashed-like the taste!
Effects: 8.75/10-potent creeper 1 bowl 4 hits out of zong i am still functioning-do not drive-zooted sort of feeling-eyes are heavy and red-not stealth-no munchies yet-barbitol feeling

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Blueberry is a popular, flavor-forward indica hybrid with a strong genetic backbone.

It is a three-way cross between an indica Afghani parent and sativa Thai and Purple Thai variant parents.

It won top marks in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica and best strain overall.

Blueberry has a THC content that ranges between 15% and 24%.

About Blueberry

Flowers of this strain are small and densely-packed, as one might expect of an indica-dominant variety.

The compact forest green leaves are often flecked with traces of purple and red.

This sweet and slightly tart smell bears some resemblance to the odor of the Purple Thai parent strain.

Breaking open buds of this strain gives off some more complex scents of spice and musk, reminiscent of Afghani varieties.

When buds are directly combusted, some skunkiness is evident.

Smoke is surprisingly smooth for an indica, and has a sweet blueberry taste on inhaling and exhale with no lingering funk.

It can be grown as a clone, if clippings are taken from mature and healthy plants.

Growers can also buy seeds.

Perfect for mellow nighttime use, 2022 Moon Rock Pre-Rolls is a great choice for those looking to unwind alone or with an intimate group of familiar friends.

Its combination of restorative physical relaxation with a mildly hazy head high is matched by standout flavors.

Blueberry’s enviable genetics have been used to crossbreed popular strains like Blue Dream and Blueberry Kush.

Common Usage

Firstly, Insomnia 8/10

Secondly, Pain 6/10

Thirdly, Anxiety 10/10

Nausea 2/10

Lastly, Depressed 8/10

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