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Because vaping marijuana cartridges is discreet, portable, and health-beneficial, people adore it. Vaping systems come in a variety of forms: disposable pens that are thrown away as soon as you’re done using them, 510-threaded cartridges that fit most batteries, pods or cartridges that are exclusive to a particular company’s hardware, and so on. 

How, then, do you identify which is the best? Whatever kind of experience you’re looking for, we’ve got a list of the best vape cartridges you can buy that combine premium cannabis, expert extraction techniques, and vape hardware.

If you’re having trouble finding these or don’t want them, we’ve included some advice on where to look for a high-quality cart that will make you feel better mentally and physically below.


It’s easy. The top portion of the vape pens, known as the Pre Rolls cartridge (or dab cart), has a mouthpiece for inhaling vape oil and a chamber that holds the oil. The battery is the component at the bottom of a vape pen. There is a 510 thread on the part that screws the two pieces together.

To activate the cartridge, press the button on certain batteries. It produces the vapor you will inhale by heating the oil.

You only need to inhale to activate other batteries. When you inhale, these “auto-draw” vape pen batteries detect the air being drawn in and activate to heat the concentrate.

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