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NYC Diesel is a marijuana hybrid strain developed in New York City. This strain leans towards the sativa and provides an intense cerebral high that leads to a deep relaxation of the entire body over time.


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NYC Diesel is a marijuana hybrid strain developed in New York City. This variety leans towards the sagittal and provides a cerebral effect that is a deep relaxation of the whole body with things.

NYC Diesel is the most sativa hybrid that has won 9 different Cannabis Cup Awards (although not all awards go first). The strain produces a sweet diesel seed citrusy flavor, often described as red grapes, a Flavor that pairs well with a bit of diesel. . Such a rare flavor provides a powerful high that often excites users and activates their minds. This activation is often accompanied by an exuberant feeling and a burst of insightful creativity. Buy Platinum Cookies Online.

Fragrance And Smell

The NYC Diesel variety has a unique, distinctive aroma reminiscent of citrus tones like exotic ripe red grapes that will fill the entire room where one of its jars is open.

In terms of flavor, NYC diesel isn’t much different. As soon as you hit, you’ll taste the same citrus flavor, complemented by a smooth diesel note, thanks to its legendary “daddy” strain. The aroma slowly turns into a sweet mix of herbs and spices in a few seconds.


NYC Diesel Strain is the perfect diesel weed pick-me-up for those feeling lazy in their morning routine. The psychoactive agents in this strain will stimulate your brain, making it easier to concentrate and make you more productive throughout the day. If that’s not enough, it will make you feel all kinds of happiness for hours on end.

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