Lemon Kush Strain For Sale Online




Lemon Kush Strain For Sale Online

The Lemon Kush strain results from crossing Lemon G and Afghani Kush and is a perfectly balanced hybrid with 50:50 indica and sativa genetics. Its THC levels average 20% with a maximum of 26%, making Lemon Kush an extremely potent strain. Another more common variety of Lemon Kush is the product of Master Kush and Lemon Joy. Therefore, its leaves are light green, making them lighter due to a dense layer of trichomes. Its flavor can be attributed to the high amounts of limonene present in the strain. As a result, it smells as good as it tastes, but it has its drawbacks. Overuse can cause headaches, dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, and dizziness. It is mainly used to fight depression, loss of appetite, and anxiety. If you plan to use Lemon Kush, keep in mind that it is pretty strong and should be used for smoking at night.

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