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Kali Mist

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 90Sativa / 10Indica THC: 15,, CBN: 1,
The award winning Queen of all sativa strains, Kali Mist is a sativa dominant hybrid as you may have deduced. The Kali Mist plant has a very high yield rate with buds in a dense cluster. The Sativa-Indica ratio for Kali Mist is 90:10 and the THC content is 15,. The CBD level has been recorded to be approximately 0.45,. This strain is mostly prescribed to be taken in the morning. This mind-clearing agent gains the utmost attention of art lovers because it enhances their creativity and helps them perform better, keeping distractions at bay. Therefore, it is also useful when taken prior to yoga and meditation. It is known to have psychedelic properties, which tend to grow stronger with each use. Therefore, these may make the patient feel nauseous and paranoid. We advise you to limit the dose to what your doctor recommends, no more than that. Excess amounts cause headaches and even dry mouth. Patients with anxiety, stress and chronic depression are recommended to take Kali Mist in the morning.

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Kali Mist is a 90% Sativa hybrid that placed first both in the Hydro Cup of 1995 and the 2000 Seed Company Sativa Cup.

The strain is a powerful two-hit combo of unknown Sativa hybrids that delivers a blast of uplifting energy.

Experienced users will likely find that it clears the mind.

Some also report that Kali Mist stimulates thought and find it good for writing, yoga, and meditation.

About Kali Mist

This strain can be quite psychedelic at higher doses, but inexperienced users may feel this effect even at lower doses.

The psychedelic property of the strain may lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety.

For this reason, users should limit hits to one or two during the day. Kali Mist may also cause dry mouth and eyes and occasional headaches.

This Sativa hybrid is most often prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, and it may be used at any time of day.

Some find it useful for daytime pain management, but Kali Mist may not be the best solution for severe aches and pains.

Patients suffering eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia may choose this strain to induce appetite.

Serious Seeds, the strain’s breeder, have never released Kali Mist’s exact genetics, only that it’s 90% Sativa.

This strong Sativa can be cultivated successfully by growers of any experience level and in most environments, but it does require regular maintenance.

It flowers between 10 and 12 weeks and produces yields of roughly 300 grams per square meter (or 1,000 watts).

Common Usage

Pain 6/10

A Loss of Appetite 2/10

Anxiety 10/10

Nausea 2/10

Depressed 8/10

Typical Effects

Creative 6/10
Cotton Mouth 6/10
Euphoric 10/10
Paranoia 2/10
Energetic 8/10

THC Content

Highest Test 15%

Strain Average 13%

Sativa Average 13.5%
Wikileaf Average 18%
Wikileaf Highest

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