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Strain Name: Headband Strain
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid
Looks: The buds were a darker green which turned me off but after taking a closer look under a magnifying glass the trichromes were enough to sell me. The hairs were a nice dark orangish-brown which sort of made the bud look very foresty as a whole.
Smell: The smell was kind of disappointing, the only reason this bud didn’t get the straight A. I could definitely smell the two kushes in the mix but I guess I was hoping for some more of the sour to pervade the smell. Oh well.
Taste: The taste was fantastic. The smoke expands in the lungs as much as any other strain I’ve tried. Had my face as red as my Redwings shirt, very red, and tasting pine trees every time I coughed again.
Effects: The effects were immediate. This was the first Headband that really lived up to it’s name. It felt like there was a four inch band of the best feeling lava the would drip down the front of your face numbing it for a bit before it would recede again back into the forehead.
Potency: Extreme, definitely one strain that I can not expect to go in public and operate at even 50speech and motor efficiency, but I always find if you’re nice to people they don’t care how lit you are.



Headband Strain Online

The Headband Strain is an iconic Indica hybrid that draws on solid cannabis genetics to provide visual “bag appeal” and buds with a stony solid height. Headband’s parents are a cross between three powerful strains: the hybrid OG Kush and the potent indica Master Kush.

The Headband strain is the genetic cross between the OG Kush and the Sour Diesel strain. The Headband strain also tastes amazing and gets many of its main features of lemon and diesel from its parents. It also has notes of vanilla on exhale as well. It smells and tastes like lemons and diesel, with an earthy, herbal undertone.

Its THC level averages at 14.5% but has been known to be as high as 21.5.%. Its high comes on slowly but is long-lasting and described as great for relieving both pain and stress. It will leave the consumer feeling spacey as some sativa effects emerge, with a sensation of euphoria. So this strain is not ideal for social situations or critical thinking and decision making.

Growers can expect high yields when growing indoors within nine to ten weeks. While moderately experienced growers have successfully cultivated this strain outdoors.

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