buy recreational God bud online


Strain Name: God Bud
Grade: A+++
Type: Indica Hybrid
Looks: Fluffy, covered in trichomes (iced out)
Smell: Pine/Sweet
Taste: Sweet/earthy
Effects: heavy stone, couch lock, pain relief.
Potency: Very strong, topshelf quality.

Good Strain For: Insomnia, appetite stimulant, headache relief, aches and pains.


buy recreational God bud online

buy recreational God bud online, (not to be confused with God’s Gift) is a very euphoric and relaxing, Indica-dominant strain.

Its lineage consists of both Sativa and Indica parents, but the effects of God Bud are almost entirely from its Indica side.

God Bud was originally created by Jordan of the Islands, a famous Canadian seed bank.

They mixed an almost pure Sativa strain called Hawaiian with a very strong purple Indica strain to create the ‘God Bud.’

About God Bud

God Bud has won a few awards in it’s day – most notably the High Times Indica Cup in 2004 – and has been a dispensary favorite in Vancouver, BC.

You can now find the strain up and down the West Coast as well as Colorado.

When grown properly the strain comes out quite fluffy and completely covered in trichomes.

In fact, the massive amounts of trichomes this strain produces may even make the buds appear white from a distance.

The strain is great for insomnia as well as depression and has even proven to be an effective appetite stimulant.

God Bud can be grown both indoors and out.

With indoor set ups expect anywhere from 2-4 ounces per plant.

With outdoor set ups the yields can be significantly higher – with yields topping 3 pounds per plant in southern climates.

The plant will remain relatively short, even when mature, thanks in part to it’s heavy Indica heritage.

Expect flowering between 50-55 days.


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