Is Afghan Kush a Heaven’s Gift?

afghan kush

Kush Genetics is one of the most popular, best-selling and most respected cannabis varieties; this legendary genetic line comes from a remote mountainous area in Afghanistan, a country in Central Asia, located in most of the Hindu Kush Mountains. Over the centuries, this complex mountain range composed of more than 100 peaks has exceeded 6,000 meters, witnessing the birth and development of Kush genetics.

What is Afghan Kush?

Afghan Kush for Sale is a very famous and powerful indica rice native to the Hindu Kush Mountains. Afghan Kush is a good example of a local strain. In other words, she grew up alone in the wild at first. The locals in Uzbekistan and Afghanistan just harvested their way. This means that Afghan Kush did not undergo endless farming and crossing for decades, but developed through evolution. This leads to a very interesting combination of unique properties, which is one of the reasons why so many people like it, because it not only produces a certain type of cannabinoid, which is usually very pure, but also produces an addictive cannabis. Vegetarian mixture.
Get high levels of THC and CBD for a balanced experience with many health benefits. The buzz itself is very famous and valued. She may have one of the most typical indica strains.

The grape ape is a large, purple grape native to North America. It is a lovely grape with high sugar content. It is often used in jams and jellies.

Hindu Kush gave a fabulous genetics: skunk #1, sour diesel, blueberry, Afghan Kush; most of the strains with the highest resin content, the strongest potency, and the fastest flowering are from Afghan genetics.

buy afghan kush online

buy afghan kush online

Characteristics and origins of Afghan genetics

For centuries, Afghan genetics has been adapted to the extreme climate of the Hindu Kush: fairly short, vigorous, with thick, compressed buds and darker and wider than tropical varieties , Larger leaves, dark green color and excellent resin content (strains in this region have always been selected as cannabis extracts); for example, Chara is a traditional hash extracted by hand from the Afghan variety, which is a very Powerful black hash, very rich flavor. In addition, these genetic effects are more physical, calming, and drowsy than their alfalfa counterparts; its sensory properties are very different, because the taste is mainly earthy with a hint of hemp (some varieties combine this taste with a hint of coffee / The taste of pine combined together). The indica strain is currently the most popular strain in the region, but more than 90 years ago, Russian botanist Nikolai Vavilov and the local research on indica strains and the existence of indica strains recorded Asian Alfalfa strains. Wild animals on the banks of the Kunar River (not planted before). Therefore, the oldest traditional culture also uses alfalfa strains. A few decades ago, alfalfa strains were no longer used, but focused on monocultured wild indica rice strains (some theories tried to clarify this change, but they were not confirmed). There is no doubt that the international expansion of Afghan indica genetics is currently extending from the coast of California to the Mediterranean or Northern Europe.

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The influence of climate on their behavior

The extreme climate around these geneticists has led to very special plant behaviors. In addition to the above characteristics, their flowering periods are also different. Grows in a semi-desert climate far away from the equator and can only bloom once a year. The seasons of the year vary from country to country: Northern Afghanistan from April to May and Central/Northern Afghanistan, May-June; according to breeders According to the preference, variety or climate, the most homogeneous national plant producers in the growing season harvest from October to December. In this case, the flowering time of these varieties is faster than the flowering time of tropical varieties in Central America, South America or South Asia.

How is the Afghan breed famous?

These genes developed for centuries and were isolated in the Hindu Kush Mountains until the mid-1990s-the so-called hippie trails were filled with hippie pilgrims, who embarked on a spiritual journey filled with indica smoke through Afghanistan Arrived in India and Nepal. … Since meeting the locals and returning to Europe (Netherlands) and the United States (U.S.) full of seeds,
tourists have tried Afghan hemp: the strong earthy smell of these strains has made consumers fall in love with everything in the world, And focus on business about choosing and gradually stabilizing more effective and more delicious Afghan varieties. For more than years, the best cannabis growers have created the current classic delicacy: some mythical strains such as Skunk, AK 47 or Northern Lights, strains from Colombia, Mexico and Thailand and strains from Afghanistan (cheese, sour diesel or blueberry) , And they are too.) Pure genes of the Afghan tribes); therefore, these classic strains gave birth to many other hybrids currently on the market.

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