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Guide For Weed Packaging

Weed Packaging

Cannabis is no longer a budding industry. Rather than, it’s grown into a multibillion-dollar business. The industry’s medical use segment alone is expected to generate $22 billion in the next four years.

Patients in 36 of the 50 states can now use medical cannabis with a valid prescription. Weed packaging has become too important to be ignored, rushed, or allowed to become obsolete.

Strong brand identity has helped some of the cannabis industry’s most influential companies build multi-billion-dollar businesses.

The truth is that the cannabis industry is highly competitive. And to succeed, you’ll need custom branded packaging for your cannabis and CBD products to set you apart from the competition.

Here are some things to consider when designing cannabis or CBD products packaging.


1. Marijuana packaging should appeal to your intended audience.

Customers are more likely to choose one cannabis or CBD product over another if the packaging is appealing and high-quality.

As we previously stated:

There’s a lot of evidence to back up packaging design’s effectiveness:

Attractiveness elicited more intense activity in impulsivity-related areas of the brain than neutral packaging.

Packaging design elicited reward responses in the brain, whereas unattractive packaging elicited negative emotion-related responses.


2. Identify your target market and the experience you’re promoting.

You must first understand your target market, potential customers, and the experience you want to promote before you can create packaging solutions for your cannabis and Weed Packaging.

What is the consumer’s pain point that your product addresses?

Here are some customer profiles to think about.


Customers seeking high-end cannabis and CBD products

Clients who spend a lot of money expect high-quality products and packaging.

When a product’s brand status is elevated in the customer’s eyes, it is considered a luxury.

Most customers believe that if a product is perceived as better than others, it is.

Premium product packaging should be high quality, clean and minimal or luxe and over-the-top to help with this perception.

Furthermore, the packaging must always fulfill the implied promises made by the manufacturer or dispensary. If you want to open a weed shop, you should consider the overall experience for your customers and how your dispensary’s products and packaging will differentiate itself from others.

Consider the following factors when designing packaging options for customers looking for high-end cannabis and CBD products:

  • Quality: High-end shoppers expect high-end, designer packaging that works flawlessly.
  • Feel: High-end product packaging should give users a more tactile experience.
  • Taste: The typical stereotypes associated with cannabis should be avoided in the packaging of high-end cannabis products.


Customers who use cannabis and CBD in their twenties and thirties

Authenticity appeals to a younger clientele. Traditional advertising, coercive marketing, and carefully cultivated facades have worn them down.

They are, however, receptive to cutting-edge design and novel product applications and experiences. They’re also receptive to celebrity and influencer endorsements from people they believe share their values.

Consider the following factors when designing packaging for Youths:

  • Simplicity: Custom branded packaging that is simple and unadorned appears genuine and trustworthy. Without frills or facades, this type of packaging accurately represents the product inside.
  • Sustainability: Millennials place a premium on environmental awareness. They value environmentally friendly packaging that avoids the use of plastics. You’ll get bonus points if the packaging is made from renewable or plant-based materials.
  • Special Edition: Millennials want something that only a few people can access. It is why unique edition products and scarcity marketing are so popular.


Buyers in Search Of Relief

Customers who use medical marijuana have a medical need for cannabis and CBD products. Qualifying conditions, however, differ by state.

According to research, about two-thirds of medical marijuana patients cite chronic pain as their primary reason for seeking treatment.

Patients seeking medical pain relief will be drawn to custom-branded packaging that promises what they want.

As a result, emphasizing the product’s efficacy and the relief they will receive will be very persuasive to that audience.

Consider the following factors when designing packaging for customers seeking relief:

  • Medical symbols: Your product’s packaging should clarify that it has health benefits. Some companies combine cannabis leaves with medical symbols in their logos. However, with so many medical cannabis brands on the market, that concept will quickly become overused, making it difficult for yours to stand out. Consider other ways to convey the medical value of your product to differentiate your brand.
  • Text: Write clear, concise copy that describes your product and its advantages. The focus of the package messaging should be on pain relief.
  • Design that is simple: Consumers will be able to read the product packaging and find the necessary information with ease if the graphics and labels are simple and have plenty of white space.


3. Weed packaging must include information.

Design and information are successfully balanced in the best custom branded packaging design.

Basic product information must be printed on a custom printed label for any custom packaging – preferably in a design that makes your product appealing.

And besides, as we mentioned in our guide to starting a business, having a strong brand identity is more important today than ever.

Medical marijuana packaging, on the other hand, carries a greater burden of information. Your packaging must include dosing information and instructions for safe use, as well as batch numbers and expiration dates, according to state regulations.


4. Marijuana packaging should keep the product safe.


Consider both appearance and function when selecting packaging cannabis materials.

If the product inside isn’t properly protected, the world’s best marketing and package graphics won’t help.

When creating custom packaging, keep the following safety guidelines in mind:

  • Appropriate seal: Packaging for non-single-use products must be resealable and, in general, small proof. Containers with lids, adhesive closures, ziplock packaging, and boxes with interlocking closures are all possibilities; which is the best fit for your product?
  • Kid safety: Children must be unable to open the packaging; it must be child-resistant (such as pop-top bottles that require some skill to open). The Poison Prevention Packaging Act must be followed.
  • Evident tampering: Medical cannabis packaging, like over-the-counter drugs, must be designed so that it is obvious if the package has been tampered with.
  • Durable materials: Choose strong packaging to keep the product inside safe. Depending on the level of protection required, different products will require different packaging.

Edibles and beverages: Not all states have the same laws regarding medical cannabis and consumable products. The packaging for edibles and infused beverages must be opaque in states that allow them.

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