Amnesia Haze


Amnesia Haze

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 80Sativa / 20Indica THC: 20– 22,, CBD: 1,
This sativa-dominant hybrid is a descendant of a Jamaican sativa, a Laotian sativa, and the indica-dominant Afghani Hawaiian. The ratio of sativa to indica is about 80:20, meaning this is a great strain for daytime use and clearheaded thinking. THC is very potent, topping 22in some tests, but CBD is much lower, slightly less than 1,. In other words, this isn’t a very good choice for epilepsy and other conditions that are treated with CBD. But it’s a great choice for relieving anxiety and depression, fatigue, ADHD symptoms, migraine headaches, mood swings, and physical pain. The high is creative and euphoric, with a psychoactive mood boost and a case of the giggles. Amnesia Haze has a fresh, fruity hash-like taste and a sweet, earthy smell with hints of spicy pepper. Nugs are light green with darker brown strands and a blanket of trichomes. This strain can induce cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes, while paranoia and dizziness are also reported.

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Amnesia Haze has a somewhat misleading name:

it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that, despite its potency, won’t leave you with a severely impaired memory.

Composed from a cross of staple strain Haze and several different worldwide landraces, including ThaiHawaiian, and Afghani, Amnesia Haze may actually drive inspiration rather than forgetfulness.

The Afghani indica in its genetics makes for a well-balanced, albeit somewhat cerebral high.

About Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze  in the commercial market is mainly derived from two sources:

First Medical Seed and Soma Seeds, the Amsterdam-based company responsible for creative strains like Lavender.

The strain is a favorite for its uplifting vibes and its rich flavor.

It won 1st place overall in the 2004 Cannabis Cup and Best Sativa in the 2012 Cannabis Cup.

Also, The THC content of Amnesia Haze ranges from about 20% to 25%.

This strain is distinguished by its chunky, dense flowers which show a synthesis of indica and sativa bud structures:

although tightly-packed, the buds are more tapered and comical than round.

Depending on how they’re cured, buds will have a greenish to yellow tint.

Rust-colored pistils, meant for the flowers to catch pollen from other male cannabis plants, stand out against the leaves.

Also, Phenotypes of Amnesia Haze can vary, with some playing host to more cloudy white trichomes than others;

psychoactive potency can also vary in these cases.

The unique size of the strain buds is matched by a unique scent and taste.

The flowers immediately present a lemony tang that is mellowed out by some earthiness.

Notes of wood, especially cedar, are evident in the buds.

`Breaking open the buds gives off a faint spicy scent, which may be familiar to fans of other strains in the Haze family.

Despite all this richness, smoke is smooth when inhaled.

Common Usage

Firstly, Pain 6/10
Secondly, A Loss of Appetite 4/10
Depressed 10/10

Nausea 4/10

Anxiety 8/10


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